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This is the first book in more than a decade to comprehensively look at the work and legacy of self-taught master architect Craig Ellwood, a book that will be considered a touchstone and the book on the subject. It is at once accessible and authoritative, presenting the pristine, elegant, and modern architecture of this post-war master, while also offering, as previous books have not, an intimate look at the man, through photos that show Ellwood’s glamorous lifestyle, which included fast cars, exotic pets, and beautiful women. The book will be of interest to architecture and design enthusiasts and lovers of high-style midcentury modern.

This is the definitive volume on Craig Ellwood, a visionary architect, designer, and tastemaker sometimes called the “California Mies”, after legendary modernist Mies van der Rohe. Features new photography of extant houses and other projects by Ellwood and explores the mystery of this self-made man, who, though untrained as an architect, fashioned a persona and career through equal parts of a talent for good design, self-promotion and ambition.

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